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1.00 Bi-County Health Melonie Tilley D
2.00 Dewitt County Development Council Joe Witte A
3.00 Dewitt County Development Council Megan Myers C
4.00 Finance Melonie Tilley (CH) D
5.00 Finance Terry Ferguson (VCH) B
6.00 Finance Jamie Prestegaard A
7.00 Finance Dan Matthews D
8.00 Friendship Center Claro Carter A
9.00 Friendship Center Megan Myers C
10.00 Land Use Claro Carter (CH) A
11.00 Land Use Joe Witte (VCH) A
12.00 Land Use Megan Myers C
13.00 Land Use Melonie Tilley D
14.00 Land Use Pat Ryan B
15.00 Liquor Commission Terry Ferguson (CH) B
16.00 Liquor Commission Jamie Prestegaard (VCH) A
17.00 Liquor Commission John Werts B
18.00 Liquor Commission Tom Farris C
19.00 Liquor Commission Brian Riddle D
20.00 Marina Dan Matthews (CH) D
21.00 Marina Terry Ferguson (VCH) B
22.00 Marina Joe Witte A
23.00 Marina Tom Farris C
24.00 Marina Brian Riddle D
25.00 Property Terry Ferguson (CH) B
26.00 Property Jamie Prestegaard (VCH) A
27.00 Property Dan Matthews D
28.00 Property Pat Ryan B
29.00 Property Kristina Deerwester C
30.00 Public Safety Megan Myers (CH) C
31.00 Public Safety Claro Carter (VCH) A
32.00 Public Safety Tom Farris C
33.00 Public Safety John Werts B
34.00 Public Safety Melonie Tilley D
35.00 Regional Office of Education Dan Matthews D
36.00 Road and Bridge Jamie Prestegaard (CH) A
37.00 Road and Bridge Brian Riddle (VCH) D
38.00 Road and Bridge John Werts B
39.00 Road and Bridge Kristina Deerwester C
40.00 Road and Bridge Claro Carter A
41.00 708 Board Kristina Deerwester C
42.00 911 Board and ETSB Tom Farris C