DeWitt County Probation Department:

Chief Probation Officer:   David Beery
Probation Officers:              Joel Ripper
                                               Crissy Bachmann
                                               Shannon Shumard
Drug Court Officer:              Elizabeth Hale 
Secretary:                           Mildred Struhbar

DeWitt County 
Probation Department 
(217) 935-7830 
Fax: (217) 935-7838

Court Services is the largest component of the community correctional element of the criminal justice system. In Illinois, Court Services is under control of the judicial branch of the State government. Each county Court Services department is responsible to the Chief judge of the judicial Circuit. The mission of Court Services is to protect the public interest and safety by diligently enforcing court ordered conditions of probation through meaningful supervision strategies, and utilizing appropriate supportive resources. The core services of Court Services are to provide appropriate court dispositions for adult and juvenile offenders, and to supervise those persons placed on probation. Court Services departments may also provide a broad range of services including. crime and delinquency prevention; pretrial release; adult and juvenile diversion; juvenile detention; intensive probation supervision; specialized DUI services; community service programs; volunteer programs; and family court services.


"The DeWitt County Probation and Court Services Department will serve the Court and protect the community by encouraging offender accountability; and will guide and educate offenders in strategies to increase responsible behaviors resulting in a reduction in recidivism."


The primary goal of the DeWitt County Adult Probation and Court Services is to serve the Court, protect public safety through the differential supervision of offenders and to provide necessary services to reduce the probability of continued criminal behavior.

The primary goal DeWitt County Juvenile Probation and Court Services is to reduce the probability of future delinquency and further penetration into the justice system.

The Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the State of Illinois, at Article I, Section 11, states: "All penalties shall be determined both according to the seriousness of the offense and with the objective of restoring the offender to useful citizenship." Consistent with the constitutional concept of "restorative justice," Illinois law (730 ILCS 5/5-6-1) requires a presumption of probation in the consideration of sentencing options, and the majority of convicted offenders are, in fact, sentenced to probation. As the sentence of choice in Illinois, probation is a cost-effective alternative to imprisonment that can serve the ends of justice, provide for the safety of society, and restore offenders to useful and productive lives.

The mission of Illinois probation departments, and the DeWitt County Probation Department is to provide the circuit court with a comprehensive system of quality programs and services which are responsive to constitutional and statutory requirements, and which reflect judicial priorities and community needs.

Other goals of Illinois probation departments and the DeWitt County Probation Department:

1) Provide complete and accurate information to the Court to facilitate judicial decision making.

2) Provide differential, community-based supervision and intervention to offenders dependent upon risk, individual offender needs and available resources.

3) Reduce recidivism among offenders sentenced to probation.

4) Identify and develop new programs which qualitatively and cost effectively enhance community supervision strategies.

5) Provide for the care, safety and security of juveniles confined to detention facilities pending court action.

6) Ensure accountability to the victim and the community through financial restitution and public service programs.

7) improve the quality, effectiveness and professionalism of Illinois probation and court services.

It is the philosophy of the DeWitt County Probation and Court Services Department to integrate the concepts, goals, and ideals previously stated to achieve restorative justice. The officers of the DeWitt County Probation and Court Services Department shall respond to the challenge of providing informative, analytical information to the Court, so that the Court can determine the most appropriate disposition, and provide rehabilitative and punitive measures as part of a continuum of sanctions to assist the defendant in achieving behavioral changes that will allow the defendant to remain in the community and reduce the likelihood of further criminal activity.

The DeWitt County Probation and Court Services Department offers the following services to help the department adhere to it's stated mission and achieve it's goals:

  • Drug Testing
  • Drug Court
  • Public Safety Work Projects
  • Administrative Sanctions
  • Interstate and Intrastate transfer of cases
  • Electronic Monitoring
  • Juvenile Intake Screening and Diversion 8. Victim impact Panels
  • Youth Initiative Program