Emergency Management Agency

DeWitt County Emergency Management Agency

Annette Lashbrook

(217) 935-7790
DeWitt County is exposed to many hazards, some which have the capability to devastate the county, cause destruction and create injuries. We prepare for and carry out Disaster Response and Recover as may be necessary or proper to prevent, minimize, repair and alleviate injury and damage resulting from disaster caused by natural, man-made or nuclear causes.

Disaster response is basically a local responsibility of City, Villages, Townships, with the supportive help of the County, State, and Federal Agencies.

DeWitt County Prepares for Natural and Man-Made Disasters

Possible natural disasters include tornadoes, floods, winter storms, earthquakes, droughts and large-scale fires. Also the threat of man-made hazards could occur, and hazardous material incident, a major transportation accident, nuclear power plant accident, pollution and sanitation problems, civil disorder and terrorism.

Odor Complaints

Residents can:

  • Call or E-Mail DeWitt County/Clinton EMA with their concern. EMA will document all information then pass it along to the EPA Regional Office located in Champaign.
  • Call the EPA Regional office in Champaign at (217) 278-5800, if they see something out of place and have a question about it. Photos can be taken and passed along to the EPA.

DeWitt County COVID Information

Disaster Recovery