DeWitt County, IL
DeWitt County Illinois
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DeWitt County E.S.D.A.

County of DeWitt, State of Illinois

DeWitt County Building 
201 W. Washington St. 
Clinton, IL 61727 
Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


Emergency Alert System to broadcast All-hazards as well as the severe alerts

Local radios stations that are used are: 
FM 95.9, WEZC
FM 101.5, WBNQ 
FM 104.1, WBWN 
AM 1230, WJBC 
AM 1520, WHOW

EAS messages will be sent on NOAA Weather Radio with an Emergency Alert System

(EAS) code of CDW (Civil Danger Warning), CEM (Civil Emergency Message), or ADR (Administrative Message) - DHS (Department of Homeland Security) will make the decision as to what code is going to be used. This is effective immediately.

  • EQW - Earthquake warning - relays earthquake information

  • EVI - Evacuation Immediate - used for community evacuations

  • FRW - Fire Warning - used primarily for wildfire information

  • HMW - Hazardous Materials Warning - hazmat spills or toxic releases

  • LAE - Local Emergency Warning - can be used for local emergencies (riots, etc...) 

  • NUW - Nuclear Power Plant Warning - meltdowns or other nuclear plant emergencies

  • RHE - Radiological hazard Warning - release of radioactive material (accident, bomb, etc.)

  • SPW - Shelter in Place Warning - warning residents not to leave their home/shelter 

  • TOE - 911 Telephone Outage Emergency - major 911 outage (primary and back- up)

  • CAE - Child Abduction Emergency - State Police activated AMBER Alerts

  • CEM - Civil Emergency Messages - used as a general warning message for those that do not fit in any of the above categories, or at the request of the governor.