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Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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Tax Information

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Property Tax?

What if I Object to my Tax Bill?

Who Pays Property Taxes and who is affected by them?

What if I don't receive my Tax Bill?

How much are interest penalties and when are interest charges assessed?

How is my Tax Bill calculated?

Where can I pay my Taxes?

What if I've sold the property?

Can I make Partial Payments?

Does the Treasurer's Office send receipts for Taxes that are Paid?

Who do I call if there is a problem with my Tax Bill?

What Is Property Tax?

Property tax is a local tax that is imposed by local government taxing districts and is based on a property's value. Property taxes are collected and spent at the local level and is a major source of tax revenue for local government taxing districts.

Who Pays Property Taxes and Who Is Affected By Them?

Anyone that owns real property such as land, buildings, and permanent fixtures such as fences, landscaping, driveways, sewers, or drains.

Every person and business in Illinois is affected by property Taxes-they either pay the tax or receive services or benefits that are paid for by property taxes.


What If I Object To My Tax Bill?

If you think that your tax bill is not fair you must pay the taxes and file a tax objection complaint with the circuit court (payment under protest). You must also appear in court to explain the objection to the tax bill amount.


What if I Don't Receive My Tax Bill?

According to state statute a taxpayer is still responsible for a tax even if a bill is not received.

Taxes are usually due the middle of June and the 1St week of September of each year. If you do not receive a bill by the 1St of June you need to call the Treasurers' Office (217) 935-7820 so that we can mail you a duplicate bill. When you call we will look up the mailing address of the bill to make sure that it is correct, if a change needs to be made you will need to contact the County Assessor's Office (217) 935-7800.

If a mortgage company should request a duplicate bill we are required to charge the mortgage

company $5.00 per Statute 35 ILCS 200/20-12

How Much Are Interest Penalties and When Are Interest Charges Assessed?

The interest penalty is 1.5% per month and in order to follow Statute 35 ILLS 200/21-15 interest charges begin the day after the due date.


How Is My Tax Bill Calculated?

The tax bill takes into account the new assessment and the new tax rate. The total tax is calculated by multiplying the Total Tax Rate by the Taxable Assessed Value s. This amount equals the total taxes due on the parcel for the year.

The Total Tax Rate represents the taxes paid to each taxing body per $100.00 of Taxable Assessed Value.

The Taxable Assessed Value represents the Equalized Assessment less the Exemption that a taxpayer is entitled to.


Where can I pay my Taxes?

The Treasure's office now offers several different options on ways to pay your tax bill.

Mail payment to our office at P 0 Box 439, Clinton, IL 61727. Your cancelled check will be your receipt unless you send a self-addressed stamped envelope along w/payment. A mailed payment is considered to be on time if postmarked on or before the due date.
Pay in person at our office located at 201 W. Washington Street, Clinton.
A drop box is located at the NORTH end of the County Building parking lot & is checked daily.
Payments can be made at the following banks: 
  • State bank of Lincoln, Clinton IL
  • 1st National Bank, Clinton IL 
  • DeWitt Savings Bank, Clinton IL 
  • Heartland Bank, Farmer City IL 
  • First Mid Bank, Weldon and Mansfield
Credit Card Payments can be made online at 

What if I've Sold the Property?

It takes a number of months for the name change to go through all of the departments until it is finally changed on the tax bill. If you receive a tax bill for a parcel that you have sold please forward the bill on to the new owner and then contact the County Supervisor of Assessments Office at (217) 935-7800.

Can I make a Partial Payment?

No, Partial payments cannot be accepted, payment must be made in full.


Does the Treasurer's Office Send Receipts for Taxes that are Paid?

NO, we no longer send receipts for taxes that have been paid. Your cancelled check or bank statement can serve as a receipt. If you need a receipt please enclose a self addressed stamped envelope with payment.


Who Do I Call if There is a Problem With My Tax Bill?

If there is a problem with you assessment, exemptions, or the address the bill is mailed to you need to call the County Supervisor of Assessments Office at (217) 935-7800.

If you didn't receive your bill or have misplaced your bill you can call our office at (217) 935-7820.

Or if you have any other questions please call us and we will be glad to help you.