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Circuit Clerk
201 West Washington 
P.O. Box 439 
Clinton, IL 61727

Phone: (217) 935-7750 
Fax: (217) 935-7759

Circuit Clerk's Office
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: May I access DeWitt County court records or the electronic docket online?

A: The Circuit Clerk has a searchable database of most DeWitt County cases. To search go to

Additionally, a Public Access terminal is available in the Circuit Clerk's office to view information on specific court cases without charge.

Copies of all current, non-impounded court files may be obtained at the Circuit Clerk's office for the statutory fee.

Q: Where may I find birth/death/marriage certificates?

A: Birth, death, and marriage certificates are maintained by the County Clerk, not the Circuit Clerk. The County Clerk is located at 201 W. Washington, Clinton, IL, and the telephone number is (217)935-7780.

Q: How do I request adoption records?

A: Adoption records are impounded by law and are not available for public inspection without a court order.

Q: How do I find the status of my child support payment?

A: You may find the status of your child support payment by accessing the Illinois State Disbursement Unit website at:

Q: How old are the Circuit Clerk's records?

A: Our oldest records date from the 1800's; however, some categories are kept for only a limited number of years. Please contact our office for specific inquiries.

Q: Who may I contact for juror information?

A: The Circuit Clerk's office oversees the juror selection. Juror instructions will be available the Sunday prior to your service date at (217) 935-7766.

Q: Where may I acquire a passport?

A: The local Clinton Post Office now provides passports. The Post Office is located at 105 N. Quincy and the telephone number is (217) 935-5584.